THIS IS REAL: AOC Says Liberals Should Take ‘Elephant’ Mascot from GOP Because They’re ‘Compassionate Creatures’

From the site.
Then Maybe the Democrats should take out and remove mascot from the Democrat party?
AOC mindset is just ridicules.
# THIS IS REAL: AOC Says Liberals Should Take ‘Elephant’ Mascot from GOP Because They’re ‘Compassionate Creatures’

What’s she waiting for??

Come take it.

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:+1: :clap: :clap: :clap: :rofl:

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Honey Badgers!

She got twitter spanked over the jack ass.

Let her have the elephant. The GOP can use this:

Eagleman Murica 2


Republicans represented as an endangered species?


Must be a slow news day


AOC’s mindset is ridiculous!

What’s even more ridiculous is the fake news that gives her the time of day!

She’s obviously making fun of the Trump’s Republican party, but Trump supporters are triggered by anything AOC says or does…

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Dems bringing up mascots is a bad move for dems.

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One morning, I shot an elephant in my pyjamas.

How he got into my pyjamas, I’ll never know

Conversely, AOC is perfectly represented by a jackass…


Yes, the GOP are quite the cartoons.


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On a day when Trump demands Biden take drug tests before the debates to make sure he isn’t trying to go all Lance Armstrong on us. :joy:

That flag needs replacement. Disrespectful. Typical.

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HA! That’s awesome. It was literally Trump saying that he thinks Biden will take drugs to do really good in the debates. Which again, can someone explain to me what drugs you take to be good in a debate?

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I dunno but he better hope they dont test for Adderal.

I don’t know which ones they are, but if anybody could do it, Trump would be the guy to sniff 'em out.


It just makes no sense. Aderrol or Ritalin to prep maybe, but that’s not going to make you a good debater. And you can’t go out all coked up. As evidenced by the RNC speeches. I think Trump just thinks there’s a quick fix for everything. Trump’s fix is just having people tell him he did good.

The fake news didn’t start the thread.

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