This is perfect example of why many knelt during the National Anthem

Pheonix couple is suing city over cop’s overreaction to child walking out of store with a $1 Barbie Doll…Whether some want to admit it or not, police have gotten way out of control in this country. Way too quick to pull their guns, excessive force etc…(language warning in video)


There better be more to this than a 4 year-old and a ■■■■■■■ Barbie doll.

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Cops gonna cop.

“Get out of the ■■■■■■■ car.” Pathetic.

Nothing will happen to them

In the uncensored version, the cop was shouting he’d bust/put a cap in him…

Here’s a story from CNN.

Real cops acting like strawmen cops you see on TV shows.

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“There is no body cam footage of the incident, Phoenix Police Department Sgt. Tommy Thompson told CNN.”

How convenient for them


If we can’t have police hold a pregnant woman carrying a baby at gunpoint, can we ever really be free?


It sounds like one of them is explaining to the cop that one of the doors or windows of the car doesn’t work.

That used to be nightmare fuel for me, driving an old beater about the same age. Only one window worked in the passenger rear. So the chances of getting killed are higher than normal because the cop might think I’m trying to be tricky.

Either that is a crazed cop or there is a lot more to this than a barbie. Perhaps the reaction by the parent had something to do with it? The picture itself does not give any indication of what the incident was really about…we are just told that by the narrator.

Remember when, during the pre Mueller report release, we were being told that it was unpatriotic to question the motivations of law enforcement, like the FBI? Back to normal.

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That’s bull ■■■■■ Thank goodness for citizens.

In Texas, that’s a terroristic threat.

Here is the police report.

Compare what is in that to the video that we see and decide for yourself if it was worth holding a pregnant woman holding her baby at gunpoint and threatening to shoot someone over it.

Here is another example of what I would consider to be highly excessive and disproportionate action:

There may be some language in the video that some might upset some people’s sensibilities.


Yeah, I saw that one last week.

That guy had every right to tell the officer to go ■■■■ himself.

Not very cool…not cool at all.

Way too many cops have forgotten about the whole “serve and protect” thing and act as if they are soldiers and the rest of us are the enemy. They escalate situations unnecessarily until they create a scenario in their mind where force is warranted. And why not? Time after time they have been shown how rare it is that any of them face real consequences for their actions, even when unwarranted deaths are involved.

Sounds like FBI and other democrat operatives within federal goverment itself.

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It does provide more that the story we got about the barbie.
One, it says there were outstanding warrants, though it doesn’t say what they were. And it talks about being loud, abusive and refusing orders.
I assume you don’t believe that just because they were refusing orders, the cops should have just walked away?
I don’t know if everything in the report is true or how the video ties to that, but it is clearly more complicated than just “the kid has a barbie…draw your guns”.