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What frailty? Of all species on Earth, we are the least likely to survive our environment. The only advantage we have in the animal world is intelligence.

Somehow, every animal is suited to the environment it’s born or lives in. Animals are born with fur, feathers or blubber to protect them from their environment, yet humans are born naked. Africa, especially near the equator, is a very hot, humid place. Seems kind of silly that we would “evolve” naked in an environment that we couldn’t long survive in.

Would you rather be covered in fur or have your skin able to breathe and sweat in a hot environment? We also migrate like any other species. Ironically we migrated into cooler climates

Which is a massive advantage. Again, naked humans didn’t just pop out of ancient apes. Watch the video I sent. Moreover, there’s some really hairy people even today. We still have a lot of hair in our genetics - in fact our bodies are covered, it’sjust that it doesnt grow as thick/long. There’s sone really strong people today too. It’s likely that as we got smarter, we gradually lost our hair even more. It’s not an all or nothing proposition.

Google “really hairy people” and tell me how we “lost all our fur”. Then ask yourself how much sexual selection played a roll in the last 10,000 years selecting out the genetics of really hairy people.

You’re right, naked humans popped out of naked humans. One of the problems I observe in discussing evolution is that people who believe simply can’t, don’t or won’t think in small chunks of time. They think of thousands or tens of thousands of years at once. The problem with that is ignoring the fact that at every single moment of that long time, there were real people having to deal with the environment they were in.

I specified, US… HUMAN BEINGS… As we are today. Yes, there are hairy people, but most of us are not, especially when compared to other animals. I also specified when man first “arrived on the scene”, the first generation, or that short period of time in which we came about as a separate species from all the other humanoids. How did those early people survive being naked?

You aren’t going to get an answer because the question you are asking is not rooted in the Theory of evolution

There was no “first” generation of humans.

That is not how it works.

People love to hem and haw about evolution taking a long time, but the Bible says that Adam and Eve, not Steve, were the first generation of humans, and this wasn’t even that long ago according to some experts.

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I never said naked humans popped out of najed humans.

And this is why you are confused. It’s because you are thinking about humans as we are today, and because you are thinking about very short time spans and applying 100,000 years+ of slight variation to some arbitrary time frame you’ve yet to quantify

Did you watch the video I posted? Here I will relink for you:

This was literally just explained to you. Our hair loss would have been gradual. As we gradually lost our hair, we gradually learned how to survive with gradually less hair. As we became more intelligent, able to make tools, weapons, clothes, shelter, sexual selection pressures probably selected out the really hairy.

And even then, there are survival benefits to having less hair, namely staying cool in hot climates.

No species is actually “newly evolved”. It has been shown that it takes millions of years for small differential mutations in the wings of a fruit fly to evolve to the point that the entire species has these wings.

Did you know Neanderthals were burying their dead long before hom0-sapiens arrived on the scene? Evolution is a process.

For me, the true question is…At some point did the species acquire the ability to relate to and communicate with God? Is this a mutation? If so, then we are in the process of evolution, where some acquired this ability–and some did not. (Grin. The ones who did not are still at the lower end of the evolutionary scale. :wink: )

The other possibility is that somehow that from earliest evolution everyone thought there was a creator and we are slowly evolving to understand our creation is more complex to assign it to even an all powerful being. In this case, those of us who believe in God are at the lower end of the evolutionary scale.

I watched the video. Let me sum it up. 7 million years ago, we were species x. 6 million years ago, we were species y. We have no skeletal examples of what species we were at 5 million years ago-yet. 4 million years ago we lost the toe none that allowed our feet to grasp branches, we were becoming bipedal. All these million year time frames with neat little animations extrapolating our change in appearance in those million year periods, without corresponding skeletal evidence along the way…I wanted to avoid talking about all those inconvenient missing links, but here we are.

Let me try again. I have stipulated that WE, that is human beings, have come on the scene. WE have evolved. WE, as a species are not very hardy. We can not run, jump, climb, swim, smell, see, or hear as well as virtually any other animals. We are not nearly as strong or fast. We do not have echolocation, we can not fly. We are born helpless and naked. How did the earliest of ■■■■ sapiens survive, starting with the elements?

As a species we are quite smart, we are communal and good at organizing and working together, we can outrun distance wise any other species… which is great for hunting.

As far as being born helpless and naked… that is what parents are for.

One theory is that we personified natural processes since we had evolved to listen for predators. Fertility gods were used when we needed agricultural successes. Other natural forces were made into Gods, personified as creatures.

Again, you mischaracterize the video as if there was some linear flipswitch between these species. It was a gradual branching of slight variation.

That’s simply not true. I’m pretty sure I can climb and swim better than a horse. My dog can’t climb. Bats can’t see.

And the notion that we aren’t “hardy” is laughable. Haven’t you seen tribes before? We make contact with tribes that survive in jungles.

Have you never watched the Olympics? Plus, we aren’t taught these in modern society. I wager you could climb pretty well if you’ve been doing it since being a child.

REGARDLESS, we wouldnt have lost all our fur, lost all our climbing ability, etc all at once. It would have been gradual…gradually replaced by our intelligence and creativity.


Can you out run or out climb a lion?

No, and so what? It doesn’t mean me and others couldn’t survive in an ecosystem that contained lions. Can elephants outrun and outclimb lions?

Humans aren’t the only thing to eat. And a lion attacking a group of 20 humans in a tree is probably harder than picking off a fat slow animal that can’t climb, and would provide a larger meal.

Again. Human beings. NOT APE MEN. Olympic athletes are not representative of people in general.

You guys are so programmed with this stuff you’re incapable of answering simple, non scientific questions without bobbing and weaving and parsing and dodging and quibbling every syllable of every word.



do you agree with those two statements?

If there is another way to bring about the existence of a human being, PLEASE EXPLAIN IT TO ME!

Human beings ARE “ape men” in the sense that we share an ancestral origin. I’ve already explained the nature of evutionary branching, the nature of gradual change in relation to our evolved intelligence. Our current genetic pool shows incredible athleticism as showcased by our top athletes. TODAY not a lot of his have such athleticism because A) we don’t exercise and B) we use technology to replace.

But the vast majority of us are capable of rugged survival and strength, provided we are taught such means of living from a young age.

Again, a weak naked human that couldn’t climb didnt just pop out of king kong. That’s not how evolution works. We utilized our intelligence and gradually lost more of our “ape like” traits you are referring to