This is more amusement than anything else, Michael Cohen graduated from Cooley Law School

Cooley Law School is to law schools, as a Garbage Scow is to the United States Navy. :slight_smile:

Pardon me, comparing Cooley Law School to a Garbage Scow is an insult to Garbage Scows. :smile:

Lets try a another angle. Attending Harvard University vs attending your local 2 or 4 year Community College/State College. But that doesn’t work either. If you attend the latter, you still get a reasonable quality education that will probably get you a decent career.

There is no way to compare Cooley to any other law school. Cooley Law School sucks, PERIOD. It is widely acknowledged by numerous recognized authorities as the worst law school in the country and has been recognized as such for many years. It admits a high percentage of its applicants, many clearly unqualified and spits out graduates, many of whom do not even pass the bar exam. It has had some quality graduates, but even the worst schools manage to graduate the occasional high performer.

Michael Cohen graduated from Cooley Law School. :smile: Somehow, this does not surprise me in the least.

Trump, you have money. And yet you hire somebody from Cooley.

I would be looking elsewhere for attorneys, perhaps:


Perhaps you’ve heard of those institutions. :smile:

Perhaps somebody at one of those institutions would have steered you clear of trouble in the first place.

Anyhow, just having fun bashing on good ole Cooley Law School.

It would seem that Trump is having problems finding anyone regardless of credentials to represent him. Wonder why that is?

Trump doesn’t make it easy. He obviously has problems with listening and taking advice and reputable attorneys are unlikely to risk their reputations sticking their necks out for him.

You know it’s bad when a scum bag attorney wont even agree to take you on as a client

Most attorneys, even those that pursue high yield fields such as personal injury law, generally have a decent ethical level. If you get too scummy and greedy, you usually end up stepping over the line and losing your license.

But when the attorney, having attended a bottom level school like Cooley and likely being at the “barely adequate” level of competence in his field, he is just as likely to step into trouble as successfully avoid it.

It takes a special breed to defend a guy like trump. I dont think ethics is a requirement to apply with him.

is it worse than University of American Samoa’s law program?

I assume Cohen passed the Bar Exam? The same exam taken by those who attended Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford?

I get that the school is “amongst those in the know” a joke but being able to pass the Bar Exam is no joke, correct?

Maybe Safiel will comment but IIRC correctly Cohen graduated from Cooley in 1991 and was admitted to the New York Bar in 1992. Typically your law student coming out of school is going to take the bar during the summer of their graduation year for a couple of reasons. (a) Course work is freshest, and (b) they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in dept and need to get a job.

If Cohen wasn’t admitted to the bar until 1992, then I hypothesize that he probably failed the bar exam and had to retake it at least one more time. Gets easier to pass after a “look see”.


Someone fails an exam, what do they do?

Take it again. That is nothing brand new.

California Governor Edmund Gerald “Gerry” Brown retook and passed the California Bar exam a second time.

Bottom line: did the attorney graduate from an accredited school? Is he licensed to practice law in that state?

Oh, speaking of schools like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, personal experience: I was having eye trouble that involved a combination of very dry eyes and painful tears.

I was misdiagnosed by a Harvard grad opthomalogist. Still having the problem and on one occasion having to stay home from work, I got someone else.

Lady had done her undergrad in Italy, her D O in the states, but not an Ivy League school. She recommended some specific OTC drops, even gave a coupon, and that relieved the problem.

One gets a fine education from the Ivy League schools, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be infallible or even better decision makers.

Those who retake the bar exam have a lower passing rate than those who take it the first time. To the tune of 50 percent. Meaning first time takes pass the bar at an 85% Clíp. That number drops into the 40 and 50 percentile second time

I know this is an amusement thread but schools like Cooley, Queens CUNY etc. Have produced some of the most successful lawyers i know.

I work with three Cooley graduates. I do love making fun of them but they are actually excellent lawyers

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Maybe so. To me it shows fortitude.

I am not so much about where you went to school. I’m more about what did you do with it afterwards.

By Safiel’s standards (and I do not mean this to be derogatory, I admire Safiel a lot) I and many like me should subject to ridicule. I went to a community college, then attended USF but at the extension in my town. It took me ten years to get my degree because I worked full time and paid my way as I could afford it.

For my business I had to take the Florida Contractor exam. I sat next to many people who’d built homes and worked in commercial projects with years of real life practical experience. Many had failed the exam several times over. They had the guts and the fortitude to keep going. I admired the hell out of them.

Don’t worry, Cohen isn’t really a lawyer anyway. Has he ever even tried a case?

He’s a business man.

A very shady one.

Money laundering business looks like.

Cohen is in deep ■■■■■

Most of the bottom feeder law schools teach to the test. That is all they do for 3 years. So, they pass the bar and everyone is happy.

The best and the brightest.

And Cohen does look like he took a correspondence course.


Florida actually has a pretty good quality system of formerly community colleges/now state colleges. And nothing wrong with going to school part time.

The school’s you went to are quality.

Cooley is a **** hole. :smile:

I went to Penn State myself. Both my sons went to Penn State. My daughter was an Ivy Leaguer (Penn), but in her case it was obviously justified. I did fine going to Penn State and so did my sons. There are obviously advantages to going to an Ivy League school, particularly if you are pursuing a legal or medical career, but it would be a ridiculous overkill for most people. I have hired plenty of people who have credentials from public university.

Mostly, this was a thread to bash on Cooley Law School. :smile:

I have nothing against the many quality public education institutions in this country. I attended one myself.

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What exactly does someone who took a correspondence course look like?

I suspect most looking for an attorney or medical professional aren’t looking so much at where that person went to school, but

Are they currently licensed to practice law or medicine in that state, although the latter may not be worth considering as much as it is very difficult to lose physician licensure once granted, and, more importantly

do I or don’t I instinctively feel comfortable with this individual?

Sources like Yelp can be helpful. One not so great review is one thing, but multiple? Better try someone else.