This is mind boggling

What does that have to do with your thread topic?

Why are you already trying to deflect your own thread?

equal justice under the law broad topic.
secrecy within government where certain officials are above the law.
if a person in an executive office should be held accountable then all persons should be held to the same standard.

This probably should be in your OP, if that’s what you intended this thread to be about.

Because as of now, it looks like you tried desperately to find a “gotcha”, failed to do so, and are now deflecting to Trump.

You have claimed that the current governor of Michigan should be impeached because you don’t like a law the state passed when she was 5.

It is not confusing that democrats would put themselves above the law. But it is confusing that she is not being impeached.

Imagine if the president claimed such exclusion.

if you believe that there should be accountability for anyone and you believe in equality then it applies to everyone.
Certainly you are not saying that the governor should not turn over documents on a no bid contract to democrat operatives for 200k that was withdrawn.
Certainly you do not believe executive privilege is a get out of jail free card.
So if you believe that power is not unlimited you would expect the governor to cooperate with an investigation.
because you are a fair minded person.

“Fair” is an argument for schoolyards. I have no idea what you’re even trying to talk about. Is this a hypothetical, or some story that you neglected to link to?

There is no correlation between your OP and Trump’s impeachment.

This how tyrants are made.

That’s easy. Defeating Hillary.

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Tyrants are made by laws signed 40+ years ago, by a Republican governor?

Very possible. Yes. All of that helps enable tyrants. Any other questions?

I applaud the Democrat that is working to change this.

Government should be transparent.

I was just checking to see if you actually read the thread before posting in it.

It appears not. Again.

so you do not believe that the information should be turned over?

please admit your bias taints you to such a degree you believe that there should be double standards.

You’re not understanding. I don’t care about your feelings, I care about the law.

glad you celebrate the exception instead of the rule.