This is mind boggling

It is not confusing that democrats would put themselves above the law. But it is confusing that she is not being impeached.

Imagine if the president claimed such exclusion.

I imagine his fans would be cheering him on for sticking it to the library media.

was there ever a time where policy trumped personality?

Bringing Trump into it is a non-starter. Unlike a governor Donald has total authority.

I dont like when Trump does this and dont when Governors do this either. Anyone voted into office should be accountable for their actions and we need more transparency across the board. Both on the state and federal levels and no matter the letter next the name of person wanting to hide what they’re doing.

except in this case the governor has total authority and trump never has.

this is about being above FOIA actions unprecedented.

Trump doesn’t claim to be above FOIA actions? Are you sure about that?

absolutely, being denied access to files is different than being denied the right to request files.

you may also be ignoring the fact that both Trump and Obama handed over many files though reluctantly.

You mean like what the Trump administration did anytime the media or human rights organizations asked for internal files on the immigration detention facilities?

What you’re disgusted with is not unprecedented and will never end as long as people refuse to hold their own side accountable for the same things

The President, VP, and senior advisers are not subject to the FOIA, because they are not “agencies.”

The law was passed in 1976. I can’t find a record of the balance of power in the legislature at that time. But since 2002 the legislature has been majority Republican.
The article you cite mentioned that a bill to change the law was submitted last year and voted down.
Republicans control both houses in Michigan.

And the current proposal is coming from a Democratic legislator. The Republicans are opposing it though.

I’m all for transparency regardless of party so long as there are not current security issues. Which for a state level is not likely.

Federal level needs some leeway when security or foreign relations are concerned. But for the most part, govt of any level should be an open book.

The Michigan FOIA was passed in 1976, under a Republican governor.

Why would the current governor be impeached?

and that makes it ok?

why did they impeach Trump?

The legislature of Michigan didn’t impeach Trump.

What impeachable offense has the governor of Michigan committed?

It makes it “the law”.

what impeachable offense did Trump commit?