This is just too good, Arpaio pranked into welcoming a furry convention, finds out later what furries actually are 不

Arpaio was pranked into making a Cameo video welcoming a furry convention to Arizona. Only later did somebody tell him what furries actually are.

Hint: They are NOT dog show or cat show devotees.


Is that video available?

Sir yif alot That should have been a red flag for anyone.



I understand he said hed prefer to be a dog. Interesting.

Lets all chip in and buy that outfit for Arpaio.

Maybe he can find himself a nice Chihuahua at the convention.



I say it was to his credit not knowing what it is.


Not knowing every bizarre kink and getting tricked into saying something nice about other people isnt really that funny.

Things happen when you are accepting money to preform.

My level of concern is low. He is terrible human in my opinion.

Well, they could be. You know, as a side hobby.

Why? If he knew what it was, then he wouldnt have been fooled. So shouldnt he have researched what it was before welcoming them?

Ill leave it to libs to stay up on all the various kinks out there.

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I dont get this. Participation and knowledge are two different things. Im not saying its obligatory to know it, only that knowing or not knowing of it doesnt affect someones credit.

Theres something wrong with those knees.

I dont expect you to.

I gave you my answer. Im not asking you to like it or agree with it.

You say that as if you believe Im into these weird things. Whatevs.

To be honest, I dont know what one is either.

In the end, it is all just a funny prank.

Arpaio is still doing better than Moe Sizlak. :smile:

And now you do, isnt the internet great.