This is actually a law I can get behind

Congress has put forth a new piece of bipartisan legislation that would change the way online travel agencies display “the most-hated fee in travel,” otherwise known as the hotel resort fees.

I think it needs to apply to the hotels own website as well. More and more hotels are putting the “resort fee” in the fine print. You see the “basic room rate”, then once you either start looking or try and book the room – bam the resort fee shows up and it’s half the price of the room to more than the price of the room.

Only thing this law will do is force the hotels to include it in the price you first see so you can see the actual price of a room you want to book.

A hearing for the Hotel Advertising Transparency Act likely won’t take place until 2020, as the initiative makes its way through a subcommittee of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

I don’t know why they will take so long. This to me is one that could easily be passed by the end of the year.

A couple of years ago, me and my then-girlfriend/present-wife went to Vegas in the anti-peak off season.

For a room on the strip, I paid less per night for my room than I paid per night in “resort fees.”

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This is all Congress has to do?

Interestingly enough Expedia gives you two prices now for any hotel that participated in their system. The first price is wht you pay now and the second tots is wht it will be with resort fees

Pretty pathetic huh?

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I havn’t seen that on expedia. They have a pay for it later non refundable (aka you get billed the day you are supposed to stay in the room), and a pay for it now refundable option. The main page where you look at the prices doesn’t show the price with the resort fee’s. You need to click the hotel to see the information THEN you can see the amount of the resort fee added to the room price.

I saw this recently, it was called a “property fee”

The room was $50 bucks and the property fee was $75, but didn’t show up until you started booking the room.

I just got back from Jamaica a couple of weeks ago. Stayed at the Iberostar Resort Suites in Montego Bay. I was very pleased with their upfront pricing. No hidden fees. Many times I book directly with the resort or hotel versus 3rd party sites like Expedia or Travelosity.

Travel agency regulation is the only thing they can agree on.

Great to see the US make another positive move for consumer protection.

Robust consumer protection is important. Not all legislation has to be earth shattering and ground breaking.

Anything that helps consumers is good.

Maybe we should have a bunch of hearings on steroids in baseball again.

“Robust” :rofl:

I don’t pay them over $100k a year to worry about hotel fees.

Dumb asses

I guess you pay them a lot to do nothing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Personally, I don’t mind them burning time on trivial matters like this…I find it preferable to them burning time ■■■■■■■ up the important ■■■■■

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