This is a pretty amazing and happy story... So where do I put stuff like this now?

While I disagree with the kid’s assessment that there is no explanation but God, I am really happy for him, his mom and his family.

The story brings up lots of questions in my mind, but I know one thing. If I ever suffer a head injury, don’t take me anywhere in Alabama! Actually, just drag my unconscious butt up to the Northeast, thank you kindly.

Kidding aside, if you can watch the video of the kid and his mom it’s a heart warmer.

Good thing it happened in the US instead of the UK.


Why would you say that?

The far higher paid, higher cost doctors in this country got it wrong. The doctors in the UK got it right.

By rights, it can be argued that this kids parents paid 2 to 3 times more for the doctors to ■■■■ it up. Congrats…I guess?

The doctors in the UK couldn’t even come up with a definitive diagnosis, refused to let a baby be treated elsewhere then starved and dehydrated him to death.

That was my first reaction upon hearing this story also. The UK is a police state with government now making personal medical decisions, instead of family members.

As to the story in the OP, that’s an amazing and very inspiring story. Miracles still happen.

Tough kid. I think God does things like this occasionally just to prove that he can.

Alfie Evans was admitted and kept alive for months before the decision was made to remove life support. Pretending that’s at all similar to a kid who recovered after a fraction of the time (clearly not brain dead apparently or otherwise) is absurd.

They killed him by cutting off food and water.

He could have been moved at any time to a hospital in Italy where they were willing to try.

Yes, they ended his life support.

After trying everything they could for months. Which is why your comparison is absurd.

No, they cut off his food and water killing him.

They didn’t try everything they could, they could have let the parents take him to italy instead of cutting off his fluids/nutrition.

They intentionally killed him to make a point.

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Food and water wasn’t going to cure his advanced degenerative neurologic disease.

That’s exactly right. They denied the parents the opportunity to take him to another country, threatening the parents with arrest if they tried to remove their own son from the hospital.

Shame on the UK.

For what purpose? Just to keep him alive at all costs?

It wasn’t going to cost the UK a dime to let him leave the country.

As this story shows “Where there is life there is Hope”.

They killed him intentionally to make a point.


Thankfully such a thing would never happen in America. I think in some states hospitals may be able to remove someone from life support against the wishes of the family, but no hospital would prevent a family from taking their loved one home, or to another facility that was prepared to take the patient. And family members certainly would not be threatened with arrest.

And this sickening socialized medicine is exactly what some Americans want.

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I wasn’t talking about financial costs silly.

That’s not for you to decide.

Indeed. We are much more afraid of lawyers in this country.

That doesn’t make it a good thing. Futilite care is a horrible thing to witness.

Sadly it has happened in the US. Remember the gal in Florida?

The state allowed the Ex Husband who was screwing around on her and may well have been responsible for her condition in the first place to kill her in the same way.

Just like in this case, she was killed intentionally. If you remember, her parents were willing to take full custody and financial responsibility and wanted to move her to another facility.

There was also a girl in DFW ten years or so back that had a bowel disorder and the parents wanted to take her somewhere else for an experimental treatment but the hospital refused, and successfully sued to force the parents to leave her there and let them remove her lower bowel leaving her permanently attached to a colostomy bag for life.

Fortunately it’s rate but it’s happened more and more since the 70’s especially in cases where the parents object to a given treatment on religious grounds.