This is a perfect example of why blue lives matter as well

Yes we see a lot of video of bad cops doing bad things. Nobody wants to post video of good cops.

Feel free to ad your own.

Horrible police officer?

Does this justify, excuse or lessen the bad acts by other cops?

Yes…there are lots of good cops…cops that do things without fanfare or any recognition.

But again that goes for many in our society.

Many people all over the country perform their jobs exceptionally each and every day. Kudos to them. The difference is that when most entities have a bad apple within their ranks, it doesn’t sometimes lead to people ending up beaten or dead. We give law enforcement tremendous power and with that comes responsibility.

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No it never does. It highlights why it can’t be lumped into all counts.

I can think of countless fields where that can and does happen. Nursing home field. Incompetence and MALICE cause deaths all the time. But it’s usually elderly so no body pays much attention or cares.

Here are some:

Accomplish 99 positive things and then screw up once. Guess what you’ll be remembered for? Such is life.

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Of course Blue Lives Matter. No one ever said they didn’t.

^this x1000

Nobody is lumping all the cops in with the bad ones. We do however complain that more isn’t done to weed out the few bad apples.

Relax…i was being purposefully hyperbolic.

Please. Have you read the threads here. It’s always about the cops this and the cops that. Never about the one bad cop the OP is talking about.

Yes I’ve read the threads and disagree