This is a jolly good time to institute 100% vote by mail

This seems like the perfect time to institute 100% vote by mail.

Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah already have 100% vote by mail. 21 other States have vote by mail for certain elections.

States like Florida are already set up to go to 100% vote by mail. Florida has had no excuse absentee balloting for several years. It would be a simple matter to send a ballot out to everybody and close up all the polling stations.

Other States would need to set up a system and likely could not implement it for 2020.

But I think 100% vote by mail nationwide could be in place for 2024.

It clearly works well where it has been implemented, so there are really no excuses or valid reasons not to do it.


I want to do it on the internet.

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I went on the internet this morning and requested my ballot be mailed to me for the April election.

How is voter fraud being monitored using this system?

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The State of Washington has prosecuted and convicted a number of individuals who attempted to abuse the system. There are safeguards in place to catch that sort of thing.

And I support laws against ballot harvesting. Ballot harvesting is the prime method of engaging in fraud in any vote by mail system and I support a tough prohibition against ballot harvesting.

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It’s not it’s pretty much just a free for all.

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…and ur mean. :sunglasses:

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Go git yerself som of em ballots!

No. We cancel voting until 2024 after Trump’s second term to be safe. Then we’ll resume normal functions. No need to put people at risk.

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Just to clarify, Coloradans can vote in person, but yes - everyone has the option of voting by mail. Should be everywhere. Shut down the polling locations & maybe install more drop off boxes.

I want it to go the other way.

I think more effort should be required to vote.

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How bout stand in line for 6 hours until 1:00 am to vote?

Utah is not 100% vote by mail. They have a few polling locations open on election day and you can still go in and vote the old way.

I don’t like the idea of expanding the electorate. We should have less people voting, not more.

the pinto was filled with ballots enough to change the election results two days after tabulation…

the fact they were all cast by dead people and mickey mouse is irrelevant

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This is fine. Cidiots don’t know how to send a letter anymore. :rofl:

wait… wouldn’t we have to repeal the 19th amendment?