This has to be a joke post removal

I have the following post removed:

Translation: baaaah baaaaah baaaaaaaah this slop tastes so good! Give me more! baaaah baaah baaah!

Here’s the kicker-the reason it was flagged:

" Your post was flagged as spam : the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected."

This is ridiculous. Say my response to a person who constantly calls others “baaah baaah baaahd sheople” is immature or whatever, but spam? And a mod removed it for being “spam”, which the forum rules define as an advertisement or promotional in nature.

Seriously. It’s not April Fool’s day any longer. What am I missing?

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This has become an echo chamber. It’s the way Hannity apparently wants it.


The actual debate on this forum barely exists anymore. It has mostly devolved into a petty squabble about who can flag the most posts of people from the other side. And unfortunately, it is openly encouraged to do exactly that.

Yeah, flagging is as bad as it has ever been. The mouse crew is a sensitive bunch, always has been.


Less than a month since “the” thread, right? :rofl:

laughs and logs back out

Yepper, been getting flagged while being broad brushed everyday. The mods suck but they they know it already.

That baaaah baaaaah baaaaaaaah could easily be an advertisement for Biden’s Petting Barnyard. I think it probably is :wink:


Ok, now that was funny :+1:

Really? If Sean wanted an echo chamber of only his conservative views he is doing a really bad job! :open_mouth:

I think its more like he wants a “free speech” environment that isn’t working out to well because his website forum Community is dominated by the trigger “flag” fingers of leftists who actually shut out conservative free speech and opinions which would be Sean’s echo chamber of choice.


I have yet to flag a single person. But yeah, the perpetual victims are back to flagging and leveraging their “connections”

Amazing that you think only leftists are doing it.

I don’t flag, I have thicker skin than that and I wish trump supporters would have the same skin thickness.

OK…this just might be the funniest and most ironic post I’ve ever seen here.

You deserve a award…seriously.

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Show us some screenshots :rofl:

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Seems a little extreme.

Personal unprovoked insults and name calling serve no useful purpose. Flag em and pull em, I don’t care. Normal people don’t talk that way anyway. I had a post flagged and removed because I asked somebody why he considers himself to be a conservative when his replies are nearly always liberal. I reread it twice looking for the offense. I never found it.

Weird, though, since I was just repeating another poster’s favorite line back at them in jest!

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I’m considered a “leftist” by Trump supporters, so you’re suggesting someone from “the left” flagged this?

I was joking. I agree with you.

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Internet communication is sometimes hard to decipher!

But seriously. What I said was in no way “spam” and it being flagged as “spam” and then removed by a mod, doesn’t seem to be appropriate.

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Just for the record…I flagged it.

From here on out I’m going to police my own threads. Stick to topic, stop the personal insults and attacks, and stop with spamming and deflecting.