This day in Politics


smallest wee wee ever.


Isn’t it rather odd that every Republican Trump endorses always has the same exact set of characteristics?


we know we know CBO is always wrong and always lies…what about the OMB?

the Tea Party rally and 24/7 foxnews coverage is going to be off the chain!


but it will have the added benefit of stroking his authoritarian ego and really people…can you put a price on that?


I’m shocked that that is actually going to happen.


I am as well. Maybe I shouldn’t be shocked at anything anymore. Which is a pretty sad commentary on the current state of affairs.


im not. besides his 3 day long golfing weekends its probably the single thing he looks forward to the most


At least five prosecutors from Mueller’s office and two attorneys representing Andrew Miller, a former Roger Stone associate, spent almost 90 minutes in a sealed court proceeding before Chief Judge Beryl Howell of the DC District Court Wednesday morning.

Looks like the Special Counsel really is going after Stone.


remember that postcard size tax form congress and Trumpy was so proud to roll out last month? well it doesn’t look likely thanks to your old friend Grover Norquist and HR block


Any doubt the GOP is the full-on party of Trump?


Because of course they are.




Interesting. While it does look like those in the GOP are standing firm in their support of Trump, there continues to be less and less of them.


this is ■■■■■■■ normal


This is what happens when you meet with an ex-KGB spy alone.


Flippity flip flopping again.


oh look another wonderful decision


The one main problem with this? Nobody knows what took place in the first meeting!


like i said in the other thread, Trumps law in effect


The Fox News government!