This day in Politics


I will put you down for it being okay to ask someone under oath who they put down on an anonymous ballot while exercising their Constitutional right.


Lol RW media suckers always tell you what’s inside themselves. It’s like Trump’s tweets.


They dont need to answer.


How does one answer that question that doesn’t open the door to something more nefarious?

There is literally no way to answer that question that would satisfy the rabid base.

They should be ashamed for asking it in the first place.


Well… politics is pretty intense. People will do anything to get their candidate in…even try to overturn an election by accusing the winner of colluding with an enemy or being blackmailable


I am not amazed that you do not see moral peril that this type of questioning can lead to.


Oh, he sees it alright. He applauds it. If it’s moral peril that upsets libs, he’s all in.


Was there a penalty for not answering?


In a statement to The Post, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “[Kelly] was displeased because he was expecting a full breakfast and there were only pastries and cheese.”

Uh huh…I’m buying that. :laughing:


hilarously sad


nope everything is fine, this is fine


GOP dutifully looking the other way like the ball-less fools they are.


Perfectly normal thing to do



Well, that NATO press conference was the expected ■■■■ show full of lies and 3rd grade level answers.


Is he completely oblivious to everything devolving with North Korea since the summit? Like how they stood up the DOD yesterday to discuss the return of American soldiers remains?


From most accounts, Short has actually been pretty successful in this role. But with the serious brain-drain that is assailing the Executive Branch, due to the best and brightest not wanting to sully their reputations working there (which is why they have to hire people like Bill Shine whose reputation is already in the tank) will they be able to find anyone worth a darn to replace him?


If anyone is interested…