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Perhaps @Safiel can explain the relevance of this?


Found the name of a character and fake sites I think Cohen was using to lure dupes-

Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.



Now we know why Trump hates Germany…and that avoiding military service is a family thing.


Family tradition. Makes sense. Hopefully along with his draft dodging avoidance of service, he will follow his Grandfather’s other path and be kicked out of America.

Hey, one can hope right?


Ummm… his grandfather left before he could perform military service.

TDS may have blinded you to that fact.


And he returned.

Not sure what blinded you from that fact.


Trump is off to a lovely start this morning, claiming Germany is controlled by Russia. Says 70% of NG is from Russia, which is a lie, but what else is new? Facts don’t mean anything to the orange stain.



Yep. Sounds about right.

But the ship of maximum leverage has sailed, argues Cheon Seong Whun, a former South Korean government official who worked in the defense and unification departments. It left, he says, the moment President Trump agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un without any preconditions.

“He lost leverage when he agreed to those talks,” said Cheon, a visiting research fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. “That was a huge political mistake.”

The theater behind the failed Pompeo visit was “a repeated strategy by the North Koreans,” he said, dubbing it a repeat of US-DPRK talks during the 1990s.

“The North Koreans have a very correct understanding of weak spots in Western politicians who try to make a deal with them. The politicians have to sound optimistic. Pompeo is not prepared to admit he made a mistake,” Cheon told CNN.

Just as many of us predicted.


We elected a massive liar all because he pandered and said the 7 or 8 things that Fox has been preaching for decades.

Got to give him credit for playing the crowd.


Because of course they did.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday that Uralasbest has adorned pallets of its products with Trump’s face and the message, “Approved by Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States."

The news outlet noted that the move came after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) elected not to prohibit the new asbestos product outright.
“Donald is on our side!” Uralasbest announced in a Facebook post accompanied by the products with Trump’s face stamped atop them. The post also thanks Trump for supporting former EPA chief Scott Pruitt and adds that Trump called asbestos “100% safe after application.”




Trump just does not understand NATO at all. This is another example of why it was a horrible decision to elect someone so clueless to the Presidency.


Just as long as he is owning the libs, nothing else matters.


Not to him or his sycophantic cult. But for the majority of Americans and our allies in NATO, it certainly matters. And is quite dangerous. It is just baffling to me how right out of the gates, before the summit even began, he delivered a big victory to Putin and Russia. This is not normal.


As if there was much of a question on whether or not the questioning of Strzok was about politics and running interference in the Mueller investigation, versus legitimate oversight from the Committee, here is a list of questions that the GOP asked him that were highly inappropriate and irrelevant. No wonder the Democrats want the full transcript released, and the GOP is refusing…


It seems like asking who someone voted for under oath is a very dangerous path to go down.


Absolutely it is. It’s unconscionable.



Trump is dangerous. Republicans are dangerous.