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Thune came away looking…pathetic?


Someone is gonna yell at you to get off their lawn soon.


This is only a dumping ground for [certain] social media posts, @Call_me_Ishmael.

Get off their lawn.


Couldn’t stand all the articles that make trump and his administration look bad. So snowflakey.



TERFs are a problem imo.



Shocker. Trump failing to pay people what they are owed…


These people dumping social media here! What’s wrong with them?


Hahahaha…their “handshake”? Hahahahaha…


This is the guy who doesn’t pay his personal driver.


Now that would be a lie.


This should not be happening.


Trump doubled the fees for Mar-a-lago to $200k, but at least hey can tour Air Force 1!


Here is a good one-stop look at the multiple legal battles that are surrounding Trump and Company.

Here are the updates and topics covered…

  • Cohen’s Signals
  • Mueller Probe
  • Manafort’s Trials
  • Flynn’s Sentence
  • The Porn Star v. the President
  • Russian Trolls and Fake News
  • Defamation Claims and Possible Deposition
  • Another NDA Fight
  • Tax Returns, Trump Foundation


this would be shocking if it wasn’t the 10+ example of him doing something like that so far


I’m not much for individual polling, however, this is following the issue with separated children from their families. Looks like the negative impact is real. Will it be temporary or permanent is the question.


I am sure that those who went apoplectic about the Clintons and the Lincoln bedroom will speak up on this.


well hopefully this wont give Trump/kushner ideas


Of course :smile:


do we have a list of the guess on our host show for tonight?