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Democrats whose glass is half full?



Somyou’re saying there are absolutely zero Trump supporters in California.


Show how it’s a sea change from the way politics happen in that part of Brooklyn and we’ll talk.


Who has more to gain by putting that stuff on a car?

Libs desperate to paint Trump supporters as a cult.



I live in Trump Country.

Not only plausible, but likely.


Hokind got into trouble a few years ago for dressing up in blackface.

He also has worked to earmark ten of thousands of dollars to fund the Shomrim, a Jewish neighborhood patrol that uses city equipment and tends to beat up people that they don’t want in their neighborhood.

So yeah… I don’t give a crap how those people vote… the GOP can have them.


Are black faces bad ?


Driving around with insane stuff on your vehicle to own the Cons!


Obvious troll being obvious.


Yes Insuppose I should have clarified.

Not only plausible a Trumper would put that on their car, but likely they would.

Not all are that nuts…but many are.


Rudy’s back!


Ahhhh… so you admit it.


OK, this is weird as hell. The US delegates threatened to punish Ecuador with trade sanctions and reduced military aid over breast milk!



In the end, the Americans’ efforts were mostly unsuccessful. It was the Russians who ultimately stepped in to introduce the measure — and the Americans did not threaten them.


So… cucked by the Russians.

Very cool.


It’s like they wake up every day looking for ways to hurt the most number of people.


That moment when Russian TV tells you the truth: