This day in Politics


Senator Ron Johnson is one of the dumbest people in politics. He had no business going to Russia.



Russia has the best most beautiful hookers, Putin said so


i love this so much


well he has the base locked up


My first response is to please produce these people who are saying that “Western Civilization is the problem in the world”

I would also ask… what exactly is his definition of “Western Civilization”?


Putin is fine.


color you terrified that more and more Democrats are seeing the deception of progressive liberals. THAT is what the letter is about…Schumer’s lies by omission.


Yeah the “potential peace with an denuclearization of North Korea” was ringing especially true after yesterday…


Look at the license plate.

It’s some lib pretending.


BTW… one of the libs who pretend to be a stalwart conservative was complaining yesterday about social media posts here. You are ruining his safe place. You should slow down or George Will might come and visit you.


ALL busy execs have something like that.


US Marine Corps?


The briefing book is already a summary.


Why would I be terrified.

The guy represents a literal bloc of voters who will vote for whoever panders to them the most.

One year it was about getting rid of a consent form saying that a mohel cleaning the wound after a bris with his mouth is dangerous.

The form was brought about because some babies died of herpes. Since they got rid of it… six babies have died.

Literally no one is scared of losing the Orthodox vote when it comes to national politics.


Dov Hokind represents the district that is populated by Orthodox and Hasidic jews.

I am not terrified that they would align with the right… I am surprised that they don’t already.


Yeah. He’s a nobody. Probably not even a real democrat.


He is representing the views of his constituents.

If he doesn’t… they elect someone who does.


Minimize it however you need to.


I am being realistic.