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I didn’t claim you had. I merely politely asked that this thread not be used as a dumping ground for social media posts. Do what you will of course. It was only a request. Good morning to you my dear. I hope you have a good day. I’ve got to run for a bit.


Have a great day. :slight_smile:


you are correct.

The election of Obama was supposed to unite the country. It just made Libs act as though they could do whatever they wanted. The country was more divided than ever. If you disagreed with Obama’s policies, you were labeled a racist. So on top of a political schism, we had more race baiting.

Giving Democrats anything is like punching a hole in the screendoor to let flys in.


What an unnecessary mess.


Because of course he did…



Trump is so alpha male…imagine the strength it takes to mock people in front of your adoring fans! He is so brave. And if he’s not doing it in his safe space, he’s being brace on social media!

What a leader, that guy.


Hillary’s running around a free woman, but Sessions is chasing real villains!


These people are so dumb. Or not. I can’t be sure.


Let’s get that 3 day weekend started people!


This is so sad.Disrespectful. Ugly.


I wonder when we’ll learn about NoKo continuing with their nuclear ambitions? Next week? 2 weeks?


I thought he promised he would be too busy to ever leave the WH?


Cut him a break, he was up late last night insulting people in front of his MAGA troll army.


Absolutely agreed. This is depravity that so many in our nation crave though. Ugliness, hate, divisiveness. Anyone who does not place their loyalty to the Master above all else are to be shunned and ridiculed in a horrific fashion. Promotion of hatred for fellow Americans may eventually lead to the downfall of this nation. And while it is true there are others who do this as well, which will undoubtedly be pointed out, the level that comes from Trump is unparalleled, and he is the President, which should require he be held to a higher standard. Instead, the bottom keeps getting lower and lower.


Not for me, but thee.


I’ve been told on this forum that farmers and such need to raise wages to attract Americans to their cow-milking and cherry-picking jobs, but King Tump doesn’t need to do that, I guess.


I think that you might be talking about me.

My argument is that in order to attract American workers the farmers would have to raise the wages.

If one doesn’t raise wages, then one will get a migrant subclass of labor.

Some though, like the Trump organization, who can clearly afford to pay for American labor refuses to so.


No, not you.


Russia Today.

But yes.


So word is now Kavanaugh is the likely pick. Hope that’s wrong. Another boring establishment pick.

At least Kethledge is from the heartland, NOT a Yale or Harvard grad and has a great personal story.

Kavanaugh will excite no one.

Hope that rumor isn’t true.