This day in Politics


Um, uh…this is not fine.


Isn’t it great that American GOP politicians are so good at providing propaganda for dictatorial nations?


He did his radio show from his home in North Dakota (I think that’s the right state), where he also owned and operated a successful construction company. For the tv show he had to move to NYC ( while keeping home base in ND), and he later said that was a mistake, as he never felt comfortable in NYC.v


Un ■■■■■■■ believable.


Who the ■■■■ couldn’t see that coming??




Most of the rest of the world thinks less of us now.



come on…this is too easy


Pompeo. So sad. This is pathetic.


Lol Republican leadership! What’s that?


Camp Conan. Cratic. Marky Thinker…whrere are ya when we need you?


At least he isn’t backing down.


This thread is a clearinghouse for .003¢ links.


So is that a yes or a no?


We’ll see how it goes.


It was a sincere and polite request. I’ve tried to not be offensive or rude to you over the years. Is that not worth an equal show of respect in return?


Goal is eventually 0?


It’s the “Demographics is Destiny” view of politics.


I’ve not shown you any disrespect.

Now here you are doing exactly what you asked others not to do, tho.