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Nominating garland is the one thing that might get R voters to revolt. At least some who voted for Trump instead of Hillary did so as they didn’t want her picking SC justices.

Cocaine Mitch rolled the dice on garland and won. Time for Ds to accept that.


If you were a betting woman, Where would you place your money?




There is no denying that he won but to accept it was the right thing g is different. Nominating garland and having him shot down would take away very powerful democratic fundraising card


The republicans would have approved Garland. You know this.

I’m sure some people did vote for trump because of the SC. What is your point about that?


Here was McConnell’s response to this via Twitter…


At this point Kethledge. Some Rs like Ted Cruz are publicly opposing Kavanaugh and it sounds like Barrett is out of consideration.


Yeahbi mean it’s so bizarre to think McConnell took that huge gamble just to turn around and have him nominated now.

If D’s take the Senate and another vacancy opens next year then yeah, it’s probably garland. But that’s the only scenario I can see it happening.


Exactly. It would make no sense. Not too mention, as you pointed out, there would be plenty of the base that would be in an uproar over it.


Correct. I’m quite sure Trump won’t do it, and Cocaine Mitch would strongly object.


oh i know it will not happen, not worries about that my friend


Yep…it’ll be one of those two guys, and from what you’ve linked and I’ve been reading, likely Kethledge too.


Hopefully so. He sounds like a great choice. That is from the white male list. :joy:



He’d been off of there since 2015. As I recall, the MSNBC show didn’t do that well. I liked his radio show better.


Ah. Didn’t know that. Thanks brother!!


His wife had ovarian cancer ( I think it was) several years ago and he devoted much time to taking care of her. I wish her well, prayers and hugs for his family.


He hadn’t been on MSNBC in a couple of years. Most recently, he had a show on RT America.



Oh. As in Russian Times?


What’s this admin’s fascination with Russia and related?