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Looks like we may be getting a report within the next three months? Maybe not THE Report, but a report.

Unless this is just someone associated with the White House giving bad information; either way, I’m looking forward to the next few months.


Meh. You very well could be right. Mr. Kushner on the other hand, I doubt he weasels out of this one.


You have come a long way baby!


Remember what Bannon said in the Wolff book. He said the Trump Tower meeting was “treasonous.”

He also said, “They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV.”

Bannon didn’t join the campaign until mid-August.

I hold Bannon in pretty high contempt, but you may be correct that he’s pretty clean on this count.


Yeah… he sucks.

But he is smart and my bet is that he has enough deniability to let him get off.

And for some reason I don’t think that he would actually sell out his country.

Wierd… right?


Heh, heh.

I just saw the thread on the subpoena headed Jr.'s way from the HIC.


What is it about this young lady that scares the ■■■■ out of the stupids?


and every time she slams them down hard


Big time Job Creation from tax cuts and deregulation.


Texans aren’t going to take it sitting down, good for them.


Fat donald calling people names like a 7 year old again.


Just a reminder that Tucker Carlson founded the Daily Caller.


These are just horrible, horrible people.


Apparently this was not worthy of its own thread.


What. The. ****

Yes, it is real.

I mean, wow.


That is spooky…They nailed Trump right down to the quote “I am the only one…just me” 1:29 for that quote…


No joke, I saw this clip almost two years ago at a U2 concert in LA.


This pile of ■■■■ is a clear and present danger to our country.


Fat donald, where are the pesos?


Whoa- so…how does it end?