This day in Politics


Despicable family.


Looks like we are reaching endgame?


Lock him up, Lock him up, well you know the rest


The “People’s House” could become a wholly owned subsidiary of the WAMU.



A depraved, deplorable family of pigs.


Interesting. Mueller knows everything. Rod knows all the important stuff that Mueller knows.

I’d want to get the hell out of Dodge, too, if the news is bad.


trump will probably fire him before he has a chance to actually resign.


If Obama said the same thing…


so… where is this guy?


Wow. Totally crazy.




I mean… how is she even supposed to know something like that?

She has only been a legislator for only a little over a decade.


It is sad that it takes extreme events to start to set all of this crap right.


Interesting. It doesn’t say specifically, but was it GDPR that Cambridge lost under?

I’d be tempted to go after them, too.


I’m patiently awaiting to learn of any ties between CA and Mr. Manafort’s admission of sharing coveted internal polling data with a Russian intelligence operative in the heart of the 2016 Presidential election. People are going to jail I suspect.


Yeah… my theory is that Cambridge Analytica used the data and employed Russian bots to do the heavy lifting.

The entire thing was built basically overnight and I doubt that Brad Parscale did the entire thing from his living room like he claims that he did.


I absolutely agree. And I believe Mr. Kushner and perhaps even Mr. Bannon will finds themselves swept up as a result because of their ties to CA.


Somehow… and I don’t know how… but I have this feeling that Bannon was able to avoid getting caught up in the mess.

I have no direct evidence of this and fully admit that I am probably wrong… but it is a feeling that I have about it.


He is definitely smart enough to have avoided being caught up in it all. But then again, there seemed to be a general dumbing down of people in direct correlation to their proximity to Mr. Trump. And we know he had substantial ties to CA.


Yeah,… I am probably wrong… but there is this feeling that I get…