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Fascinating. Lol


“Guilt beyond reasonable doubt” will prove impossible since it is known that Democrats have masqueraded as Russians to influence an election…


You understand that this argument is akin to saying that because some people have been framed for murder, no one can ever be prosecuted for murder again?




what the heck???


To think if it wasn’t for Trump and co this would be front page news everywhere


Well this is my new favorite story.


to be honest, Nick Saban should have pulled a fire alarm last night.


To some maybe.
But not really.

It’s a logical conclusion given our system of justice and the facts that the real culprits have been found guilty of false flag operations.


A Democrat is sure to pull a fire alarm in a couple of months, so this retroactively means that a Democrat pulled the fire alarm last night.


Seems like stellar logic to me. Lol


in Florida news, positive news for a change




denied it looks like


you beat me to it because of the damn refresh lol


also means that this company will have to pay the fines and that makes this investigation even more profitable


drip, drip, drip…


Uh huh, sure. You know what, Jerome? It’s high-time that Mueller arrest you and throw your fat arse in jail.


words cannot express the size of my smile right now

WAMU, American University’s NPR station, reported Tuesday that DC Water officials noted during their first meeting of 2019 that they received an email from the Treasury Department announcing it won’t be paying for $5 million of the federal government’s $16.5 million water bill.

WAMU noted that DC law allows the water authority to “shut off water to a customer for nonpayment after 30 days” and place a lien on the property until a full payment is completed after 60 days.


Haha, that is ■■■■■■■ hilarious.