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When are trump supporters going to start asking this administration to stop spreading lies?


Never…they’re either too stupid to recognize them as lies, or they’re already quite comfortable with lying so long as the lies say what they want to hear.


They like being lied to.


Interesting article on the practices of Border Patrol and how they can conduct stops inside of cities away from the border.

Among the reasons to be able to stop someone

(1) whether the vehicle is close to the border;
(2) whether the vehicle is on a known smuggling route;
(3) whether the vehicle’s presence is inconsistent with the local traffic patterns;
(4) whether the vehicle could have been trying to avoid a checkpoint;
(5) whether the vehicle appears to be heavily laden;
(6) whether the vehicle is from out of the area;
(7) whether the vehicle or its load looks unusual in some way;
(8) whether the vehicle is of a sort often favored by smugglers;
(9) whether the vehicle appears to have been altered or modified;
(10) whether the cargo area in the vehicle is covered;
(11) the time of day or night at which the vehicle is spotted, and whether it corresponds to a shift change;
(12) whether the vehicle is being driven in an erratic or unsafe manner;
(13) whether the vehicle appears to be traveling in tandem with another vehicle;
(14) whether the vehicle looks as if it has recently been driven off road;
(15) whether the persons inside the vehicle avoid looking at the agent;
(16) whether the persons inside the vehicle are paying undue attention to the agent’s presence;
(17) whether the persons in the vehicle tried to avoid being seen or exhibited other unusual behavior;
(18) whether the driver slowed down after seeing the agent;
(19) whether the passengers appeared dirty;
(20) whether there is intelligence available that suggests that smuggling will occur in the area or by a specific vehicle; and
(21) whether the vehicle is coming from an area of a sensor alert.



That’s enough to make a grown man tweet.


Probably. But ignorance is bliss.


I am seriously considering starting a thread about the selling off of the commons.


The CEC is part of the Deep State designed to make conservatives look bad!



1 yes
2 probably
3 yes
4 always
5 sometimes
6 yup
7 yup
8 sometimes
9 yup
10 yup
11 dunno
12 well…does speeding count?
13 i dont have friends so…nope
14 oh yeah
15 autistic so…yup
16 see 15
17 see 15 and 16
18…isnt that SOP to slow down after seeing LEO?
19 i hate shaving so…
20 hell if i know
21…hell if i know

yeah i would be puled over daily


tons of people will attack Mueller ®, but it won’t work.


You know that now that the Democrats have been found to be false flagging Russian election interference, Mueller’s case went to hell. You know this, don’t you?

The defense will say “your Democrat operatives were experts at making their own election interference appear to be originating from Russians” .

Democrats and their pooch: a special kind of friendship.


How does this make the Mueller investigation go to hell?


Birds of a feather.


It invalidates the Senate reports.


How so?

10 How so?


I think it is obvious. Don’t you?

The Senate reports said Russians were responsible for certain actions. Now it appears likely that some fraction -large or small, we don’t know - were democrat operatives engaged in false flag attacks, pretending to be Russians.

But you need not take my word. You will see over time that the defense will say the same thing. Dems, pooch, yowser.


Something happening months after the 2016 election is proof of something happening during the 2016 election?

Yeah… go with that time bending argument.


Funny… you introduced the word “proof” as though it would help your argument. Actually the word is essential to my argument. Now the prosecution will have no PROOF that it was not Democrat operatives performing a false flag operation. The burden of PROOF is on the prosecution and your Democrat operatives just made the prosecutor’s job nearly impossible.

So… HAHAHAHAHAHA… looks like proof’s on you and your pooch.


You are arguing that no proof that it wasn’t something is equal or greater proof than evidence that it was something.

Really odd


It doesn’t. It’s pure desperation on display. Lol