This day in Politics


Mexico still has not agreed to pay for the wall. They are the ones responsible for our Government Shutdown!


Damn Mexican Government.


I still can’t believe one quarter of Americans still support and defend this horrible con man.



who saw that one coming?


Is this the beginnings of the Senate GOP finding a path out of this shutdown mess?


A white woman admits she’s white. Can’t make this stuff up.


Shocker. Lol

Mr. Trump is going to regret painting himself into a corner on this one.


come on. do even the most hardcore Trump supporters believe this for a second?? Trump was making millions as a 3 year old.


This does not bode well for Mr. Trump’s reelection efforts in 2020.


Fascinating. Lol


I’m sure everyone is very surprised to learn Mr. Trump is a complete and total liar, yet again. Lol


The minute he said that, you knew this was going to happen.

He doesn’t care. It’s for the base. They’ll believe it all.


So who is worse? The liar or the people who know he is lying yet are okay with it, thereby condoning it?


Both are equally deplorable.


It’s all the same gutter, Comfy.


Why didn’t he lie and say it was the recently deceased president? It always annoys me when my kids lie so stupidly that the expect me to believe them. The same holds true for Trump.


I hope he is going to declare the National Emergency!


There are any number of things I’d rather watch than Trump trying to read something like a big boy at 9pm tomorrow.


Could we be that lucky?


Hopefully Stephen Miller will write the speech.