This day in Politics


Its a dumb bluff that will never happen. He is desperately flailing for some form of leverage.


Yup and more lies that will get debunked over and over



The Base prefers lies. They’re more easily digestible.


I wonder how long until he declares the National Emergency. I’m still waiting for the troops in Syria to be coming home immediately.


I’m still waiting on malania trump press conference about her citizenship iregularitites


Good news.


Never wishes for jury duty but God I wish I had been picked for that one


Every single one of them will have a book deal after it’s all said and done.


You are asuming of course that we will be alive and there will still be functioning book publishers around :stuck_out_tongue:


shocking…shocked i say

this of course after Trump floated the idea of month and years of government shutdown. because those guys want to work unpaid for years


We have been assured by some posters that nobody is going to notice the shutdown…


That’s a smack in the face after poor Steve went to all of that trouble to arrange the pink and red Starbursts for Trump.


Un ■■■■■■■ believable.


I think I know why McCarthy didn’t get the speakership. Republicans probably accidentally split their votes between Steve and Kevin.

McCarthy has some serious branding problems it looks like.


might be the most conservative vote they have ever done in their life.


Oh :eyes:… a list of most wackadoodle members in the House.


More stupidity from fat donald.


Cuz Trump cutting off payment to 800 K federal employees is just like a strike…


I heard an interview yesterday with I think it was Micheal Steele… anyway he said that Trump is taking inspiration from Blazing Saddles by taking himself hostage on this issue.


These people are cruel hypocrites