This day in Politics


Finish that with, “SAD…took a real man to get it done. SAD.” and you’ve got it.


On this day in politics I realized it just doesn’t matter


This is our anthem


Fat donald AND his lawyer are going ■■■■■■■ senile.


I would say something along the lines of “Amazing!” if it weren’t for the fact that the last 3 years have completely sapped my ability to be surprised by politics anymore.

I think the only thing that would truly surprise me at this point was if I woke up one morning and Trump was suddenly a decent human being.


Welcome to the age of Trump, where this is the new reality…


And an Attorney General discussing an ongoing, active investigation with a private citizen. I hope that the House Democrats ask Mr. Whitaker about this egregious breach of protocol.


As I keep saying.

It is about selling off the commons.

That is the major motivation in almost all of this.


Exactly. Elect someone whose life is dominated by greed, and this is the natural end result. It should be illegal.


These are just terrible people. There is really no other way to describe them at this point. So intentionally cruel.


Corrupt pile of ■■■■ should be in jail.


Am I the only one, or is it really weird that the cast of characters that pop up in the CEC all seem to have bugs in their brains?


It is almost as if corruption and scandal are a prerequisite for the modern CEC and Republican Party. This brand just seems to attract some of the worst people in America. Why would a political party have such horrible people automatically drawn to them?


By far the most corrupt administration in modern times, if not all of time.

The Justice Department’s public integrity section is examining whether newly departed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lied to his agency’s inspector general investigators, according to three people familiar with the matter, a potential criminal violation that would exacerbate Zinke’s legal woes.

And this is before the Democratic-controlled House has even been sworn in. Lol


One of my local AM RW radio talkers interviews Clarke at least once a week. He is just an awful, garbage human.



10 no matters


Well of course they have.


Did anyone watch this Rose Garden monologue that Trump just gave? It’s … something else. I mean, typical moron Trump. But … wow. He’s an idiot.


Watching it right now, fat donald is out of his ■■■■■■■ mind.


How many “Straight Outta Kremlin” talking points has he tossed out?

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan good?
Montenegro starting WWIII?