This day in Politics


Yeah, but New Yorkers give everyone nicknames and Warren has the voice of a librarian and I voted for policies and why are libs so argle bargle GO TRUMP MAGA! lol.


Poor him. He is upset he missed the NYE gala at Mar-a-Lago because he stupidly shut down the government. Even Melania chose to be at the party over spending NYE with her husband. That’s got to sting.


Lol @ “known for his big, dumb mouth”


We are witnessing his mental breakdown in real time via his tweets. Fascinating.


Jesus talk about deranged. May I remind you that this is the president of the United States.


Donald’s self-awareness is staggering in its complete and utter absence.


Hey, President Dumb As ■■■■ – how did the stock market do this year under your brilliant, steady leadership?


The idiots are all in. Doesn’t matter if fat donald shot someone on 5th ave.


Good to know they support rape


Looks like they’d support just about anything.


I was going with an easy one…could have gone with the child rape or murder…


I just love how “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” has become some Christians’ excuse to support all manner of banality, stupidity, corruption, and mendacity coming from the Trump Administration.


I’m continuing to feed this - good lord, Falwell is a mindless sycophant.


El Presidente Trumpo everyone…


Of a man with the maturity level of a twelve-year-old.


Reality TV fake president.


2019 will not be a ride so much as a series of perp walks.


I hope Donnie lays back and enjoys it.


Right up there with “lie back and enjoy it”


He’s just a ■■■■■■■ idiot.