This day in Politics


It does. I wish i could but it’s difficult with this damn iPhone right now.


Once again… It is all about selling off the commons.

Maybe I should make a thread.


Sure John, we all believe you. :roll_eyes:


You shouldn’t ever have to say goodbye.


Is that you???

If so, welcome back!


Well this alliance is starting to fall apart.


The wall is a metaphor. That’s fun.


He brought up the gang of eight bill.

Well… isn’t that cute.


Sorry Lindsey.

Border Security is here.

The Wall is there.

They are not the same.

We already fund Border Security, by the billions.

Mexico is going to pay for a wall.


Well. I’m sure that Mexico would be happy to pay for it with metaphorical pesos.


Thanks, fat donald!


Stinking libs!


In its darker days, the city had runs of years with killings in the triple digits. In 1977, when the city’s population was 20 percent lower than today, there were 142 homicides. As recently as 2007, San Francisco had 100 killings.

Officials attribute the decline in part to a new gun unit they established in November 2017.
The unit collects guns, spent shell casings and bullets and enters them into the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network, which shares digital images of the ballistic evidence across jurisdictions. Investigators use the shared information to develop leads and determine whether a gun was used in other crimes.


More stinking libs!

For the first time in five years, violent crime was down in Los Angeles in 2018, with the number of homicides on track to be among the lowest in more than 50 years.


Donald has all the leadership skills of a rotted pumpkin.


Another day, another lie.


Didnt take long…told you they eat their own


We got an idiot in office…


His love for generals seems to be fading…



Wow just wow.


He thinks we have Open Borders. Isn’t that cute?