This day in Politics


I think it’s beautiful. Such a contrast to what we had as a leader, and what we have now.


Stay classy asparagus man


Why the hell would he feel the need to insert Soros into a conversation about Google?

It is ■■■■■■■ crazy.


Is it obvious? My dog responds in the same fashion when called.


You just don’t get it man.


I love Wikileaks!




An article about illegal coordination between the NRA and the Trump campaign. None of this is surprising.


Womp, womp.


Wasnt that the case that GOP wanted to make sure kavanaugh got anpiece of the action?


Same case.


Which it would seem odd that conservatives would be for the reduction in sovereignty of the States.


Come January, all hell is going to break loose.


Because of course they did.


Starting to set the bar low.

Answering those questions was a nightmare,” Giuliani told the magazine. “It took him about three weeks to do what would normally take two days.”
“He’s got a great memory,” Giuliani said separately of Trump. “However, basically we were answering questions about 2016, the busiest year of his life. It’s a real job to remember.”


Mueller has all of the e-mail dumps.



Scott Pruitt may be out and gone but he is still giving…or should i say receiving?


Democrats officially have picked up 40 seats.


well this is new