This day in Politics


Time for the House of Representatives to get to work!


Least surprising news of the day.




This is the first time “lock her up” was ever chanted. Oh, the irony!


Indict his ass.


This refresh problem stinks!!!

He can’t testify, because if he does he knows he will either perjure himself (again?) and go to prison, or tell the truth and go to prison. If he felt he could go there and tell the truth and not go to prison, he would do it. Stone would never pass up an opportunity to self-promote, save prison being the end result. Which is likely at this point anyway.


Popehat chose this life to be the 'splainer you need at this time…


No problem here,




The exploding debt is someone else’s problem.


NRA goon will soon be facing espionage charges.


Sad human being.


Has anyone ever seen fat donald attend church?



He despises just being “part of the crowd.” He can’t pay homage to anyone else other than himself.


This is one thing I may never get tired of.

He’s so proud. But he doesn’t realize that A) That’s the one poll almost everyone agrees is garbage and B) his own poll numbers say a full half of America hates his stupid guts.

What a loser.


This is a beautiful letter, and speaks volumes as to the character of President George H W Bush


Thank you Tariff man.


Wow. That is incredible


Obviously not enough tariffs.