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Light years better than the piece of ■■■■ we currently have as prez. His age is a concern but he can go toe to toe with fat donald.


Joe will also be a gaffe machine, but likely not to the same level as Donny. Not sure we need another president who constantly puts his foot in his mouth.


Both are good points. As for age, I am less concerned with that as I am health. And Biden seems healthy enough. People simply live a lot longer now than they did in the past. Especially with access to the quality healthcare Biden has had access to for years.

With regards to the gaffes, that is a concern as well. But a gaffe machine is light years better than the lie machine currently occupying the White House.

I am still unconvinced there is anyone that can beat Trump on the Democratic side. Beto? Doubtful. Harris or Gillibrand? Doubtful. Biden may be the only one that can stand toe-to-toe. He can appeal to those lost crossover, middle class, blue collar folks. He has substantial FP knowledge and experience. Both of these issues are key right now.


Big difference between once in a while silly gaffes and straight out lies on a daily basis.


I’m confused…I thought the Deep State was working against Trump, now they are working with him?


“Russia, if you are listening…”


Milo appears to be auditioning for a position with the Trump administration.




Ignorance or a wink?


He’s not without warts, for sure.

However, He should have been the nominee in 2016. Obama deserves a great of the blame for 2016 by supporting Hillary over Uncle Joe.


I thought Biden didn’t run to focus his efforts elsewhere after his son died.


Oh he knows.


I believe it is a combination.


Fair enough.


Did Obama do that? I thought Joe opted not to run because of the family dealing with their son’s cancer? I could be mistaken though.

ETA: Just saw the above link. :slight_smile:




Throw that in this thread.



A powerful gesture.

Haven’t seen Dole since he lobbied one of Trump’s first major gaffes.


Trump signed his new NAFTA deal this weekend, but he messed up and signed all three spot on his copy :laughing: