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Why aren’t Republicans and trump supporters losing their minds over this blatant voter fraud?


It’s worthy of a a thread.


This is great. Apparently, stable genius signed the document in the wrong place.


Mueller’s done playing around.


Cat fight, stage right:


Now that’s funny, haha.


It’s about damn time.


Is he wrong?

No, if you claimed to be embarrassed by Barack Obama but you’re somehow not embarrassed by Donald Trump—I’m going to strongly suggest it was largely a pigmentation issue.


We were wondering if he was the dumb one, this might help our decision.


Something something something … than to remove all doubt. :man_shrugging:


Donald cannot even sign on the correct line when #MAGA-ing.


Donald told you he knew how to spend other people’s money.


Someone at Fox News gets it.


Ha…that’s funny. :joy:


Dude really does hate Obama.


This is great stuff. Mueller, in their view, is slowly chipping away at Trump instead of laying it all out there.

Siege warfare is not a matter of striking precisely the correct blow at the correct moment at a particular stone in the wall. It is a campaign of degradation over a substantial period of time.


Russia is not your friend Donny.




No deals in Russia, I don’t know anyone in Russia, I don’t know Putin. -fat donald


Is he the Democrats best chance at taking out Trump? :thinking:

I believe he is about as good as any other candidate they can put forth to combat Trump. He won’t be bullied around, that is for sure.