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Sounds like a clear case of witness tampering. :rofl:


Kellyanne’s husband:

Adding this one to George’s comment.

Any “good” lawyers? Oh well.


Wait…Teen Vogue?!?



I love this one, particularly the last bit:


Gotcha, I forgot about that.


Teen Vogue has been doing some very, very good reportage over the last couple of years.

Not a joke.


Yeah… there is so much plot that it is easy to forget things.


Democrats: a fair living wage for all!

(Except for interns, no pay)


It’s not like it is hard to avoid setting out a rake like this to step on.


No rake. I know most all senatorial interns are not paid. But it begs hypocrisy to try to harp on what private employers do until you clean up your own house.

Unpaid internships mean only rich kids will work in DC.


Trump’s boss let’s us know how the meeting went:


So, Trump is proud of how much money we spend on the military, or he’s upset at how much money we’re spending on the military? I’m very confused.


The Germans are going to have to come up with a new word to express my feelings about this.


I only read it for the articles anyway…


This is pretty funny. Check this tweet and the embedded tweet from Fruity G.


That is amazing


That is amazing. How long till they figure that out? Cause it’s still on Rudy’s twitter.


We’re not dealing with intelligent people.


Crazy that a Q believer could get close to a VP.