This day in Politics


Trump. :wink:



Did foxnews have kompromat on Dershowitz? Is that why he started spouting off weird ■■■■ in the early 2000s?

When did fox or the Republicans call him on it? About the same time as his proposed “torture warrants”?


Come to think of it, he’ll probably say that is the reason Ds won so many House seats – collusion with Russia!


People, please stop calling other people racist. The civil war ended racism!


All the President’s men are creepy sex pervs.


We are pathetic.


Another genius.


Quick. Someone get her a history book that includes the 1870’s on.


At least he is consistent.


I think that she might be saying intentionally stupid things as a cry for help.


I wonder if fat donald will get invited to the funeral.


Many innocent people! :roll_eyes:


Let’s just go for infrastructure presidency.


Trump, very tough on Russia


Yale before the Navy? can they get anything right at all, any ■■■■■■■ editor in that administration?


A new tame fat donald.


This WAS a bad weekend for Donny.

He could not meet with his boss because his connections with the boss were revealed before he left. Then his boss embraced a new acolyte, MBS, who is not afraid to kill the “enemy of the people”.

His only real victory this weekend was signing NAFTA 2.0, and he really wanted to brag about that today, but Poppy Bush passed and the media have been focused on this instead of Donny’s “victory” in trade.

The only good thing is that he has not been an international embarrassment this weekend.



weekend aint over


God, she’s lame.