This day in Politics


Just a normal day at the office





Poor little Trumpy Bear needed to check the answers the two leaders gave before he wrote his down.




He is such a buffoon!


What Tillerson said.


I can’t wait for his grifter staff and family to stop traveling on my dime.


Not much to see here, just the DOJ arguing in court that the president doesn’t know what he is talking about when he randomly spouts off on Twitter.

Also, when Fat Donald quotes somebody accusing his government of wrongdoing, it cannot be considered confirmation of wrongdoing.

Basically, the DOJ is having to do a lot of work to deal with the fallout of our fat, lazy Tweeter-in-chief.


Ya hear that, Avergbear!!!


There are prominent posters still here that would call President Obama “King Putt”

If they would be consistent I would respect them a little more.


No no, they’ve never feared and respected the USA more.

Donald’s MAGAnificent!


To be supplied steel by the 6 new U. S. Steel mills being built!




Man that is funny.


As usual, the comments are the best.


Does anyone know how he did that little circle?


You see what you don’t know is that the Qanon folks will find really deep meaning in this.


Awakening the sleeper cells.


Those Q folks are everywhere!


I would still love to be a fly on the wall in the Conway home.