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But … But … But … best and brightest…

Not to worry - I’m sure he has more of the best and the brightest to hire…


I’ll just take this opportunity to restate that I didn’t vote for Trump, nor will I vote for anyone that supports him or is endorsed by him.

And, it seems, I’m getting more and more incentives to vote that way…



In all seriousness, the lack of quality in this Executive Branch is startling.


They’re laughing at the US.


I would say thoughts and prayers but these ■■■■■■■ don’t deserve it.

NRATV, the media wing of the National Rifle Association (NRA), has reportedly laid off several employees following a $55 million revenue drop for the nation’s most prominent gun-rights lobby.

NRATV was launched in late 2016 and dubs itself the “online television platform of the powerful gun-rights lobby,” including “two live news channels and 34 taped shows, all sponsored by gunmakers,” according to its homepage.

Its offerings include programs hosted by NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, CEO Wayne LaPierre, frequent Fox News guest Dan Bongino, and former Reagan National Security Council member Oliver North.


Such lying liars…


Of course they are. We have lost our standing in the world, and have become the laughing stock of the globes worst.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Gotta love the picture foxnews used of Trump this morning. Remind anybody of anything?


Why would any remotely qualified individual want to work for this administration?


That is a great point, they wouldn’t, and they are not. There is no amount of $$$ you could pay me to work with those horrible human beings, and for the worst of them all leading the way.


Hahahahaha…Trudeau was having none of Trump’s idiotic bluster. This is NAFTA 2.0, or the New NAFTA. Meet the new trade agreement, same as the last trade agreement.


Lol you can’t make this ■■■■ up.


Someone seems happy


Nafta 2.0 makes sense. TPP Light also makes sense.

Neither are Donald’s doing.

He literally put TPP in a smaller gift bag and re-gifted it.

He’s a ■■■■■■■


Mnuchin looks like he’s getting to meet Babe Ruth for the first time. Love the First Daughter’s countenance.


Why in the ■■■■ is Ivanka at the G20?


Somebody needs to change the diapers.



I mean babysit the lunatic.


She want to make sure she gets the most in the will


Yep, both are appropriate. I kind of prefer TPP-Light myself. But I bet Canada and Mexico will continue to refer to it as new NAFTA, and that will be what ultimately takes.