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The pee tape is so 2016.

Putin likely has much, much worse on Donny.


The pee tape is a stand in for any kompromat that Putin has.

And for the record… I don’t think that the pee tape is real.


Maybe there is voter fraud out there.


One can always…resign.


Looks like Trump needs the media to do more vetting for him.




I reject your rejection.


Just like thought. Democrats cheating again. Oh…wait…


He misses the freedom of his former life. He will never have that freedom again. Any “deal” he does after he’s out of office will be scrutinize by everyone. Whatever cache his name may have held is gone. He and his krappy kids will only be able to attract grade C celebs into their respective spheres. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer family.


We don’t miss him.


If you want a little chuckle… think of this.

Trump Links in the Bronx is in Ocasio-Cortez’s district.


I’ve seen this name thousands of times. Never linked to anything related to her. I thought now was a good time.


Joe Perticone
Twitter › JoePerticone
lol police inform Laura Loomer that Twitter isn’t pressing charges and she can stay chained to their door as long as she wants
4 hours ago


Back in 2017, we walked 5 miles in the snow with no shoes. Up hill both ways.

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No

But he will tell you “yes”.


Fox News.

We cover the other stuff no one else does.

(and we hope you don’t notice that)


Blessings to the person who wrote this.




Just a reminder:


Man he is really starting to get into the 4th and 5th tier talent now. Talk about a serious brain drain. Wow