This day in Politics


Look who’s in Argentina waiting to greet the Donald!


Drippy drip drip

This might have been posted


Acting AG Whitaker defaulted on not one, but two separate loans. Would this impact his ability to gain a security clearance?


Absolutely amazing!


Same men who need to carry guns with them everywhere they go.


This makes total sense.


A lot of Trump supporters seem to be…ahem…compensating for some shortcomings, lets say. Sorry about their bad luck. :rofl:




Looks like someone is suffering from a bad case of fragile masculinity. :flushed:


so NRA is just openly discuses hypothetical mass murder of their political rivals?


Yep. That is where we are today.


any people want to pretend the NRA is a non political group.


Dudes like this?


Perfect example.


There’s almost no way for you to mix up the words in that headline and for it not to still be funny.

“Arizona man carrying handgun in waistband shoots himself in the groin in Walmart meat department.”

“Arizona hand carrying mangun in waistband shoots himself in the meat in Walmart groin department.”

“Waistband carrying Arizona man in handgun shoots Walmart meat himself.”

“Walmart man carrying handgun in waistband shoots himself in the groin in Arizona.”


Everyone is losing it!


Putin say “no” Donny. Job review still happening!


I’ve said it before. Never bail on your 1:1 with your boss right beforehand. It looks bad.


While we are considered the ejection of this orange stain, we need to look at the legality of advertising of books by sitting politicians.


Is this true? Because if the President reverses and holds the meeting because Putin said so… there is definitely a pee tape.