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He met a Jew!


Voting machines trademarks? WTH?


:rofl: :joy:


Except that as far as I can tell, other than that it is DDI Media, no one seems to know who put that sign up there or what their motivation in doing so was.

“The billboard is undoubtedly real, though it is not yet clear who paid for it and when it was erected. A spokesperson for DDI Media, the St. Louis company which owns the billboard itself, told us they could not share such information.”…

Now why would someone put a sign like that up and yet not want anyone to know who was behind it?


Because “H” is definitely a race.


I’m pretty sure fat donald never drew the “R” letter in the air. Do you have any idea why?


So. There is this.


They’re not hiding it anymore…emboldened.


Haha, dumbasses.


this kind of stuff is SO easy to see coming.



I hate that this is happening in my state. Usually our constituency is a lot less susceptible to this type of bait and switch. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.


It gets better:


God the WI GOP are such suckers.




What? Lol


I wonder myself.


Jeanine Pirro was there as well.


This is my favorite thread on the forum. What in the Hell happened to the GOP and it’s followers?


Wait…Trump wants to save Obamacare now?!?


This needs to be its own thread.