This day in Politics


The wall just got ten feet deeper.


Very creepy. CEC media would have lost their minds had Obama done that


Who drew it? WHO DREW IT???


In other news.


Classic Trump.


Sometimes he can be honestly funny.


His body language is so obvious.


Which was cute when he was just a reality TV star. Not when he’s the President.


Very very true.


Interesting story about how a lawyer representing Hillary Clinton and the DNC, Michael Sussmann from Perkins Coie met with former FBI Counsel James Baker in September 2016, and likely fed information to the press about alleged connections between the Trump Campaign and Russia. As a result of the leaks, stories suggesting a Trump-Russia link were published in October 2016, very close to the presidential election.


Question is will it happen before or after the election?


Yes looks like Baker has some explaining to do.


Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre taught a hard lesson to any president thinking about doing such a thing. Firing the likes of Sessions or Rosenstein or Mueller is an unthinkable political blunder, there is no way anybody will pull a stunt like that ever again.

So yea, it’ll happen after the election I think.


Law & Order president!


Sounds like Obama.


Rod does what he is told


And just in case you didn’t know, Kemp is the guy running for governor on the GOP ticket. 70% of the applications being blocked are from African Americans.




What an insult to people who actually deserve the award.


This is just so offputing.