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How did Gorsuch get through?


Gorsuch got through prior, so the court remained relatively unchanged. This seat came open as a sudden retirement. Not to mention trump may be in the position to put another justice in. Democrats know this and what better way to hide their motives than hide behind a victim


But again, what specifically are Democrats doing to make you angry? Are they paying people money to lie about any Republican nominee that comes forward? Are they telling people to lie? Specify exactly what they are they doing to invoke such outrage?


This confirmation is a perfect cross section of how the Democrats operate. Let’s start with Feinstein, she held onto the letter until just recent. The letter should have been turned over to the judicial committee. What’s worse feinstein met with kavanaugh back in August. Yeah nothing mentioned until the perfect timing to do the most damage.
Then let’s move to how that letter was released. You stated it was fords friends. The committee did not mention fords friends. In fact, the committee questioned how a letter such as that was released when Feinstein and fords attorneys only had possession of the letter. Feinstein denied it was her or her office, although she was not under oath.
The Democrats then push Ford out as a credible person when Ford can not recount time or place the event happened. All fords witnesses stated under oath they were never there and did not see anything. But that doesn’t stop Democrats say kavanaugh is guilty.
Democrats then push the false narrative on their mob protestors, some are paid profestors.
So not one credible piece of evidence proves kavanaugh was the aggressor to Ford, but that doesn’t stop Democrats from pushing a false narrative.


Again, who cares if this ■■■■ show happened in July instead of September? Two months is what’s making you so angry? Why?

I’m afraid sworn testimony has always qualified as credible evidence. Your denial of that fact is irrelevant. Trump himself admitted it was credible.

And yes it was discussed with the committee that it was Ford and her friends leaked details of the letter. If you have proof it was Feinstein who leaked the letter, show it.

It seems it is your side who is pushing the false narrative. There is no “mob”, they are citizens exercising their right to protest. democrats are not paying them to protest.

You got everything you wanted, I’m still not understanding the anger?


Sorry but the Senate is looking into who leaked the letter.

So far liberals are just playing games and it doesn’t matter to them who is victimized.

The angry mob is going far beyond exercising their rights. Yelling out whole the Senate is in session. Obstructing and threatening senators are way beyond their rights.


There should be an investigation, but republicans won’t do it because they know Feinstein is telling the truth.

Did you mind the “angry mob” so much when they had tea bags hanging from their hats? If protesters are breaking the law they become arrested. That’s how protests have always worked, have you been living under a rock?


Still wondering why we are angry?


To the bolded, that is completely false. Whether or not it’s accepted as being credible has to do with corroboration, physical evidence, or other evidence supporting the statement along with the character of the person giving it.


Of course. Many on the left live in their own reality.


Can we stop with the one side is better then the other nonsense?


* Trump wants a hardcore loyalist as his next A.G. — somebody more like a Roy Cohn-style personal attorney and pit-bull defender than an independent head of the Justice Department.


Don’t you have a polygraph machine somewhere to destroy with your mental powers?


Yes. I’m not going back and forth about which party’s protesters and anonymous threats are worse. Can you specify exactly what congressional democrats did that angers you so much? Why such outrage over a three week delay?


Wherein Trump openly admits that any story that is negative towards him is “fake news”.


Its creepy that he keeps referring to himself in the third person.


you would too if you spent your life pretending to be your own publicist.


Not really sure how many tweets he actually composes himself.


Build the wall! Build the wall!


I am sure that this is completely fine.