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Sure, when the “facts” tell you exactly what you want to hear.


You didn’t answer my question.

You would be totally ok if Obama spoke to Rachel Maddow on a nightly basis?


You’ve gotten extremely partisan over the last few weeks… what happened?

Anyway, without even getting into every lie or omission … Donald Trump lies at rallies and fox does not report on any of it. Do you think that is “fair and balanced”?


What difference would it have made it he had? It’s not as though Rachel being a partisan liberal was a secret. Who cares? It’s not as though Rachel being a partisan liberal has been a secret all these years.

I really don’t get the left’s obsession with Fox news. If you add up the combined audiences for Fox, CNN and MSNBC, you’d get maybe 8 million viewers on a nightly basis. That’s hardly a big deal.


Democrats in the last couple of months regarding the BK nomination. Especially the last few weeks.

And again… why is the left so obsessed with Fox news? I’m sure you don’t watch it, so what does it matter?

I think all cable news is a waste of time, but all three of them serve their intended audiences.


What specifically did Democrats do to upset you? Yes yes Feinstein was tardy bringing her anonymous source forward, so what? You believe there wouldn’t have been a circus if she was brought forward in July?


Everyone gets a trophy. Yea!


You didn’t answer Apocalypto’s question but, ok.


There is no precedent for what is happening with this administration.


Yeah. I’m sure that is exactly what you would say if the table were turned.


You have got to be kidding. If Obama was swapping talking points and strategery with Rachel Freakin Maddow every day during his presidency you would have said “so what”?! :joy::rofl:


No one believes that, including the poster.


Ginsburg and Kagan dissented. Kavanaugh did not participate in this decision.


Yeah. I’m not buying it either.

Rush and Sean would have also crucified him. They would have called him a TV or LMSM President.


How many people stepped down from working for Obama and works for cnn?


What the Democrats wanted was Republicans not have a chance to fill the seat, hence is why Feinstein delayed or better term leaked the letter.


MSdnc is a joke. Do they actually broadcast political shows on the weekend? CNN is no better.


Obama was speaking with worse. Maybe he should have had better advisors so they could tell him ISIS was a jv team or ISIS was contained.


Ford said her friends told the press about the letter. Guess you weren’t listening to the testimony?

So what if another republican besides Kavenaugh filled the seat? Who cares? Why are you guys so angry again?


Oh yeah like Democrats would allow another conservative the sear, they would put out another timely letter. Democrats showed the game they were playing.