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More social mobility in Socialist Denmark than The Ayn Rand dream of the US.


Good thing Fox is part of the swamp, so these people have somewhere to go. Hilarious.


Great mobility in the Trump orbit. If you worked for Trump you can get a job with Fox. If you have to leave Fox you can date someone in Trump’s family.


Imagine the complete right wing nut outrage if Obama had this type of relationship with CNN.


Its like a revolving door, back and forth between Fox and the WH.


I wonder don’t wonder at all whether Hicks has an NDA prohibiting her from ever saying anything bad about Trump or the Trump Organization.



Does this imply that CNN and MSNBC are fair and balanced?


Nope, just implying that you guys would lose your minds if a D POTUS was so deeply entrenched with the largest cable “news” network.


Now, imagine the complete and utter right wing nut outrage if Obama spoke with Rachel Maddow on a nightly basis like fat donald does with our host?


And then Hired her as press secretary, and then she did that for a while and then went back to MSNBC.


They would be losing their minds right about now.


Yes I mean after all Rachel Maddow is such a fair and balanced host. No bias there whatsoever.


You would be totally ok if Obama spoke to Rachel Maddow on a nightly basis?


Bill and Hillary going on a North American tour, visiting three cities in Canada as well. I guess Bill is still ok with the Me Too crowd?


No, she would not.


What kind of a question is that? CNN and MSNBC are totally in the tank for Dems. Fox is totally in the tank for Trump and Rs.

So what? You’ve got two out of three, that’s not bad. None of us are forced to watch any of them.


Then don’t watch, Joanne, but don’t act like she’s any different than Hannity. Just stop watching. I don’t watch cable news at all, and I’m not missing anything, and I’m not getting worked up over bull crap nothingness.

Twenty four hour “news” channels sounded like a good idea. They turned out to be crap. They don’t actually do reporting or produce thoughtful content. It’s all designed with flashy lights, loud voices repeating the same things, pretty people and ardent know-nothing partisans, and gets people jacked up like it’s a sports competition.

It’s all stupid.


I don’t watch either. But what is stupid is the way some on the left have their hair on fire over Fox news, as though it’s required viewing or something.

Each network has their own agenda. I honestly don’t see the big deal, most of the media leans left anyway.

Cable news really was good when it started out and for several years after that. But now it’s mostly opinion.


Comparing Fox to ABC, CNN and MSNBC is ridiculous. Fox all almost all opinion and they not only lean right but they are extremely light on facts.

Most of the media may lean left but at least they are mostly factual.