This day in Politics


On this somber day for liberals a little message to remind you how we got to where we are at today. Brought to you by the great divider in chief himself Barry soetoro


So it seems the world actually likes Putin more than Trump!




Putin is a lot more competent at being a terrible person.


That’s our prez!


Trump doing some Democrat stuff:


Corey Stewart is a terrible candidate. As much as I want to see Dems lose, and my personal dislike of Tim Kaine, I’d far rather see Rs pick up red states like MO, WV, IN, ND, FL and keep AZ, TN, Texas and NV.

They can easily increase their majority by picking off Dems elsewhere.


Christian Values.


Didn’t they already do this in 2016?


Yeah. Like 90% of em. Second nature by now.







The Hill might lose some Trumplican cred for this one:


Of course, that is Condi Rice, not Susan.


This is just so, so good.

The newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has already fulfilled one of his promises.

After weeks of contentious hearings, the Senate voted to confirm the polarizing nominee Saturday evening. And Kavanaugh was already on the job Sunday morning with the court’s first-ever all-women team of law clerks by his side, [ The New York Times reports]



I saw that. That’s terrific. Shows he is a stand up guy.


Been talking to Rudy it seems…


Except maybe the FBI?


When working for Trump means your only future gig is with Fox.


Who says that was the only gig she could land besides yourself?