This day in Politics


and here we go. Looks like the midterms are heating up. Republicans getting a nicely deserved bump from the kavanaugh vote.


Looks like chuckles cant lose graciously


Justice kavanaugh!!

Family looks great


Needs more government travel!


Well Pelosi isn’t a gracious loser either. Looks like the old girl wants to continue to carry the fight on in the house. If she tries, it might be one of her biggest mistakes.


Trump in the most recent rally called Feinstein, leaking diane Feinstein. Democrats have sown their seeds.


Trump really hit the Democrats hard at his rally in Kansas. But he also mentioned the unemployment all time low 3.7 percent.


A few words from President Trump


Thumbing through some of the garbage on this thread, I found this actual news piece. After the confirmation, a little more surreal of who runs liberals.


Looks like someone really needs someone to talk to.


The unhinged liberal mob. Nice little hit job liberals tried to there. But fortunately, we have justice kavanaugh.


Nah just tidying up the place. I thought a thread that had politics in the name should have politics.


So paid liberal mob protestor do you have any comment on our new justice kavanaugh?

I will take that as a no comment.


Looks like Manchin did the right thing for his election. We will see if that is enough or if the (D) behind his name stands for don’t vote for.


Let’s see what the fake news CNN is doing after kavanaugh win:


De ja vou I suppose. Hillary losing wasn’t fun for them either.




What? That is an actual liberal breakdown moment. The other is sort of what CNN looks like defeated and all


the gloatin’ loner


I suppose. Seems like it. I am just relishing right now in the silence of this forum. Its temporary I know.


So apparently liberals are looking for their scape goat.

I highly doubt avenatti is a Republican operative. He is a useful idiot for liberals to blame so liberals don’t have to remove their rose colored glasses.