This day in Politics


This is the same GRU that hmeddled in our election process.


Legalize it?


Yes legalize it but…48 lbs. is not just for personal use :grin:







Depends. Maybe she is Rastafarian. :rofl:


This could explain Lindsey Graham’s behavior


They’re all jumping on the trump train in public and trying not to be negatively impacted by it in private. Stinkin’ hypocrites.


Trump’s health care plan is coming together!


The internet wins again…




The NYT posted pics of all the homes.

It’s like browsing Zillow only better!


I go by that home in the picture all the time. It was a local Blog that found out that it was Manafort’s which led to WNYC doing a story on the wierd property deals that he had been doing for a while.


Maybe? Here is to hoping.


Russians agree.


He’s running kind of late on that healthcare bill. He was suppose to have that one ready to go to Congress on day 1 so they could vote on it and he could sign it into law.

Maybe it got lost under the check from Mexico for that wall or something…


If she uses all that at one time, I sincerely hope she gives us some advance notice if she will be on the road driving… :rofl::rofl:


You can’t make this ■■■■ up. Lol


I suggest this thread name to be changed to liberal tears floweth over.




Welcome our newest justice!! Another victory for trump!