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I keep thinking about that, still in the campaign he would not say he was mistaken or they didn’t deserve the death penalty


He’s incapable of admitting he was wrong.


Republican Corey Stewart is in the race against incumbent Democrat Tim Kaine for the Virginia Senate.

Does Steward have a chance even though he trails substantially in all polls? I can’t see him winning unless somehow he pulls the upset as a protest candidate. Virginia, formerly a Red State has gone purple in recent elections but I think Time Kaine should take his opponent seriously. I remember Kaine when he was on the Richmond City Counsel and he is known as the consumate nice guy. I have doubts he is US Senate material though and he has his critics within the Democrat party for his performance as HRC’s running mate.


Only the best!!!


that needs to be a thread.


Because of course…


People in this country have gone freaking insane


■■■■■■■ hilarious!

According to Travis View, a researcher who has tracked QAnon’s growth, some QAnon believers claimed beforehand that they knew the exact wording the test message would take. Going off a months-old Q post, they claimed that it would be a message from Trump saying, “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us.”


What the hell happened to Graham? Is he compromised as well?


Without John McCain around Graham has no backbone or morals it appears.


That actually kinda makes sense.


You see… when the President gets people alone his face opens up to reveal the mother bug who then infests others brains to become one of her children.

It is the only thing that makes sense.


Or Trump showed Graham one of the emails the Russians have, and told him there was more where that came from.


And the claim is that the FBI is in complete disarray? Well look at the DEA.

The TL,DR is that the guy who was sent in to stop the Columbian sex parties for the DEA is under investigation for procuring Columbian prostitutes for sex parties.

Deep State indeed.


Compromised position with one of the good ole boys???..:thinking:


Anyone old enough to remember the episode of Gilligan’s Island when Gilligan found radioactive seeds. After planting and growing they all gained superpowers?
I think trump remembers and thinks it may be plausible…




This is where we are: