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Don’t we call the year of the man every time we say “Happy New Year?”


So how did this fall under the radar. Basically Orrin Hatch filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court arguing against dual sovereignty when prosecuting crimes. If the Supreme Court rules the way Hatch is arguing then it would defang the ability of anyone that Trump would pardon on Federal charges to be taken up in State courts.

This is something that should have been asked at the hearings… if Kavenaugh doesn’t get confirmed… then the next judge should have to answer for this… I mean we already know what they think about roe v wade.


Damn. Now THIS is a pre-planned agenda.


Yeah… it is kind of crazy.

I wonder what State’s rights conservatives would say about the erosion of State sovereignty?


It’s been the year of the man for 10k years.


Laura knows who she depends on for her paychecks.


And every day ending in Y


Straight to youtube?


Shadow banned!


Win some, lose some.


“It’s cashiers, retail sales people, service employees – those are our fastest growing jobs, but those jobs don’t pay very well,”

So when they say unemployment is down they forget to mention that inflation is way up…
And the W. Virgians poorly educated will still vote against their best interest because they still believe that a rich white man cares about them…:roll_eyes:


The House passed a tax cut that borrows another $3.8 Trillion from the future.


Any tax cuts for the middle class this time. or more for the donor class?


45% of the benefit goes to the top 5%

The bottom 20% will see a tax savings of about $100

Middle income households will see a savings on an average of $1000


Targeted at Republican states again?


My mom, back in the 60’s through the end of her life was active in local politics. You get used to the loons who try to intimidate you. We had death threats all the time. When they become scary you contact the local police who may bring in the State Police. Nope. The one I only legislator I am truly sorry to see leave is Trey Gowdy. He digs for the answers and his cross examination is incredible.


Wearing my “not surprised” face right now.


At the time Dickey shot the explosive target, winds were gusting up to 40 mph and the National Weather Service had issued a fire watch,

Since Dickey was only charged with a misdemeanor, the newspaper reports that he will likely keep his job. “It was a complete accident,” Dickey told U.S. Magistrate Judge Leslie A. Bowman in court. “I feel absolutely horrible about it. It was probably one of the worst days of my life.”

probably meaning there might be another couple days in ranking


What an awful person


Doing a quick search yields this.

Probably where the tweet comes from.